Borderlands | easiest way to reach level max fast (HD)

Borderlands PC how to easy reach level max (HD) easiest way to reach level max quickly, fast how to reach level 61 in Borderlands that’s the easiest way to reach level max the only thing you need to do is to join an online game with Playthrough 2 and the host must have level max then you will go to the Final Boss Crawmerax The Invincible and beet him then you have to do again and again to reach level max in the easy way plus you will make a lot of money selling weapons that you will find very rare weapons and other rare things that you can keep SUB 4 SUB 100% guaranteed. BOX ME FOR EXTRA SUBS I TRADE SUBS 1-35 SUBS MSG ME
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  1. Edinja123 says:

    what you recording with

  2. gameplaylist says:

    Fraps v3.0.3

  3. foo2Le says:

    nice. Thanks

  4. wiktor1st says:

    how do i get to crawemeroax ?is that a map pack?

  5. TheTomppax says:

    Can I only gey lvl 61 if I buy map pack?

  6. AZBlaster2201 says:

    OMG that was alot of stuff came out grom that boss !!!

  7. blackandwhitepro34 says:

    Levling up really benefits in this game i have a level 50 soldier and a level 35 Brick (or rserker) So i know the difference between noob and Pro. Fun game on both sides though.

  8. multipomeranian says:

    Hint: Easy 20,00 EXP
    As soon as you are able to get a vehicle, find a safe place away from enemy spawn points and find a way to keep the trigger held down (tape? rubber band?). Just walk away for a few hours and after you have unloaded 100,000 shots from the vehicle you will get 20,000 exp.


  9. omglolomg153 says:

    thay droped that i seen it lol fail but it is a easy way to lol up (ive killd on ebefore thay dont drop that much stuff)

  10. omglolomg153 says:

    @multipomeranian yes but you best just have the changun vehicle and you get 20000 xp so it is true but you have to fier lots of rawnds so yes ti whold work

  11. omglolomg153 says:

    @blackandwhitepro34 i have a vlv 48 soldier and i love ihe turet and unlimited ammo perk
    but i hate the guy with the berd hes worthles ay but brick is pritty good i got him to lvl 40

  12. blackandwhitepro34 says:

    @omglolomg153 Yeah i havent played the game in a while so iforget everything about it

  13. teethboy99 says:

    @wiktor1st armory of general knoxx DLC

  14. keyser66guitarist says:

    probably a stupic question buuuuttt… I downloaded the armory of general knoxx dlc and in the description, as you may know, said they raised the level cap from 50 to 61. I’m level 69….. glitch or what?

  15. dumdum675 says:

    @keyser66guitarist One of their normal patches increased the level cap by 8 for everyone, so with the armory the max level is 69

  16. keyser66guitarist says:

    @dumdum675 oh okay.. Thanks :)

  17. Demonfox816 says:

    @keyser66guitarist if you count all the skill levels you need to gett all of them it would be all the way to ermmmmm 106? but is lvling up the only way to get a skill point?

  18. keyser66guitarist says:

    @Demonfox816 yeah leveling up is the only way to get a skill point, and you only get one each time… actually, without cheating somehow, it is impossible to fill every slot of your characters skill tree with the points you recieve from levels 5-69 (you get your first point at level 5). So yes, you have to choose wisely on what you level up with your skill points – but remember you can always reset it at a “New You” station, and tinker around with it ;)

  19. Zekeron says:

    Anyone know how to lvl up to 55+ fast? is there any certain runs to do BEFORE craw to lvl?

    Only lvl 44 and cant kill him yet, so wanted to do some lvling before i try

  20. o0SuperSoldier0o says:

    What level should you be if you want to get secret armory of general knoxx
    I’m only a level 31 but didn’t beat the game yet
    So should I get it at a lvl 31

  21. dobermankingws says:

    @oOsupersoldierOo nope it will be to hard for u u need to be a lvl 50 and up..

  22. o0SuperSoldier0o says:

    @dobermankingws i thought most of the enemies in the beginning were lvl 35

  23. MultiGuitar31 says:

    where can i find the boss???? i am level 69 with 70 skills ^^

  24. jabob789 says:

    Im gona get tis soon but i dont no any ways 2 lvl up quick without crawmerax

  25. VertikOkz says:


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