DashieXP – BEST RAP SONG EVER!! “Milk, Cookies, Soda, Chips!”

Twitter: twitter.com/dashiexp Facebook: www.facebook.com T-Shirts: dashiexp.spreadshirt.com ————————————————————————————– Download the song!: www.mediafire.com ————————————————————————————– Big Thanks to JD! for getting John Witherspoon (his dad) on the video! Go check out his channel! dude is crazy funny: www.youtube.com Also like to thank NightmareCinemas for his assistance: www.youtube.com ——————————————————————————————————————– Lyrics: -[Intro]- Yo, this the realest song I ever wrote!/ Let me get some…/ -[Chorus]- Milk, cookies, Soda, Chips (x3)/ Let me get a bag so these bitches stay crisp/ Milk, cookies, soda, chips (x3)/ I keep em in a bag so them bitches stay crisp/ -[Verse 1 (Sport)]- when I write 16, I want cookies and cream/ gotta sweet tooth, need to feed my need/ know what I mean? let yo neck stay froze/ rather have a handful of some oreos/ you really can’t lose with some macaroons/ don’t put me in a room, it be hard to choose/ hand me a couple of milanos and Ima dip/ don’t forget the chips, tryin 2 find a soda I can sip/ hey boo, when you get time can you/ pass me an ice cold mountain dew/ straight from the can, no glass(pause)/ I’m a sucka for the snacks, better believe that/ this goes out to my sweet tooth crew/ put yo hands in the sky/ best believe we gon rock this
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  1. Dominicano250 says:

    pvp saaaannnnnnnn

  2. Animalparty3000 says:

    Pvp dope freshness San word up and Gooderrr thannn a bitchhh

  3. dbdogg8 says:

    HOW THA FUCK DID YO AZZ GET JOHN WITHERSPOON!!! He b godddeeerrrr dan a bitch!

  4. TheTunerida says:

    I never say fake to videos but i think the john witherspoon clips at the beginnin an end are from other shows and its not related to this song, gd song but fake witherspoon part!!

  5. PepRallyCOD says:

    LOL and thats the truth, truth!

  6. blazzzegurl says:

    No, it’s real. JD Witherspoon is good friends with Dashie and a lot of other people on youtube. That’s how Dashie got the hook up.

  7. pokemonhitmonlee42 says:

    Beats by Dre? In 2010? I call shenanigans

  8. Gleelova101 says:

    Lawd. I’m Sorry To Cuzz Him Out But The Niqqa Got Me Mad A’f

  9. k45hc1ll4 says:

    u soo luky u got jd witherspoon in ur vid XP i the song u say ur broker dan a bitch but i dont beleive dat shit it might just be cause it rhymes but i dont care luky azz dashie XD

  10. Justin18Hatch says:

    2:23 – 2:30 makes me laugh every time

  11. funnyyoass says:

    1st of all, milk, cookies, soda, chips? american diet?

    2nd, music sounds like a mario game

    3rd, thx for the laugh

  12. iAteYourLion says:

    It’s a joke you faggot.

  13. rogerstaley90 says:

    @iAteYourLion you little dick sucking bitches are STILL replying??? Lmfao its not a joke its a serious video!

  14. multinaynaynay1 says:

    I want some milk cookies soda chips right now minus the soda and the chips

  15. NightmareSanctuaryTV says:

    i know right! he says it in the beginning too! when will they eva learn…

  16. DdayVoltris95 says:

    or what?

  17. EricEB14 says:

    man i want some milk cookies soda and chips now

  18. jmoney5424 says:

    That beat is cement hardcore my boy

  19. chaosthunder says:

    looool everytime i hear john witherspoon, i just keep imagining grandad from the boondocks!! i know he’s his voice actor but still…i keep expecting to hear a random “grandad u gay” from riley XD

  20. pimpzilla626 says:

    this dude be putting milk in a water bottle!

  21. The3Shogun says:

    Sport looks like a Houston rapper lol

  22. Aahad3456 says:

    So right

  23. Shateia07 says:

    Looooove it (: oreos are the shit! :D

  24. LIBltdProductions says:

    check out our rap about milk

  25. 8B1t5 says:

    The list part killed me lolol

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