How To Record Your XBOX Game Chat and Do Live Commentary (the easy way)

READ THIS, YOUR QUESTION MAY ALREADY BE ANSWERED!!! I was looking around YouTube for a video telling me how to record my in-game chat and my own live commentary. I couldn’t find one, so I figured it out myself and decided to make a walkthrough video to help others. If this helped you out, please give me a Like, it helps out alot more than you know! Note: this also works for PS3 and on Apple, menus and programs just vary slightly. More videos coming soon, including my first Black Ops Commentary. My Cable: www.amazon.com Video on how to record gamechat using the OEM XBL Headset (this should also work if you don’t have a pink mic cable, but still have a cable that runs into the controller): www.youtube.com Note to PS3 Owners: you probably have to use the “OEM XBL” link to wire your PS3 controller (This is if you don’t have a pink mic cable. I’m not sure of this so don’t hold me responsible! I don’t have a PS3, unfortunately, but if you have a wire that runs into your controller similar to the Xbox setup in order for you to speak,then the OEM method should work as well), and to play voices through TV: go to Settings, Accessory Settings, Audio Device Settings, then switch Output to System Default and that should be it. However, all the commentators I know who use PS3 and do live commentary use a second microphone (the Blu Snowball microphone) ran from the computer and talk into that as they talk through their headset. The Snowball mic is about and is a way better sounding
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  1. pGFq says:

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  2. Mauricio S Merino says:

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  3. LOGOYOLO says:

    So how would I do this with a Roxio Game Capture?
    Also does anyone know if the Roxio can record computor footage?

    1. Garrett says:

      no you cant record computer

  4. barbarion204 says:

    Do you have like a laptop with a mic, or another mic of any sort that can connect to a computer? If you have a mic you can hook up to your PS3/360, but not the computer, Plug your turtle beach into the computer, and the other mc to your gaming system. Another option is skype call recorder, if you wish to do a dual comm, turtle beach in the gaming system , skype mic in the computer and it’ll record you. Another option is just like a windows movie maker thing. You can Record your own voice in that

  5. barbarion204 says:

    Sorry I ran out of characters, you can record your voice in movie maker. Hit something like “narrate this clip” and then also hit record on the HD PVR and then just put the video clip into movie maker and then line up the narration and the video up at the same time, so that they match. If you need more options let me know I know a few more, and can find more too but I’m on my way to work and I’ll help you out later, PM me! :p

  6. CrazyForeigner1 says:

    So I can record my voice from my turtle beach- onto the Audacity. Sync gameplay+voice and BAM!
    Is it possible to record your voice on PVR?
    I have Turtle Beach X12, When this guy does it he has different wires on his X11 compared to my X12.

  7. barbarion204 says:

    If you only use your turtle beach headset, and the PVR, no. I’m in the same boat. I have a turtle beach headset aswell and my PS3 doesn’t record my own voice over my gameplays, just other people’s and what comes through my T.V

  8. TharpC0 says:

    What to do if u use x41 turtle beaches

  9. TheGamerzRevolution says:

    No you do not

  10. CrazyForeigner1 says:

    Thanks :)

  11. XPrince54 says:

    Thank you so much

  12. meanddad9576 says:

    ok im on a Mac, it only has a headset hole, BUT i have a headset/mic combo already plugged in and i can recorded computer commentary, how would it work with a Haunnapug HD PVR Gaming Edition?

  13. ThatsDiabolical says:

    When i do a live commentary, a bunch of staic and distortion comes through audacity. Is there any way to get rid of this or another method to where it wont do this? Also, i found out the distortion stops when i unplug the green audio cable from my tv but i want to play with game sound. Any ideas? Thanks
    Like this comment if you are having this problem!!!

  14. CJUploads says:

    What do I do if I just want to record party chat? My roxio only records game sounds, not the party chat. HELP!

  15. sum1superior says:

    You missed out the 1st part of the video. You need to go to preferences and change the voice output from “Play through Headset” to “play through both” I use the Roxio Game Capture box too.

  16. TheDudeWithTheSnipe says:

    You have to go to “Preferences > Voice > Play Through Both” And you’ll be able to hear them.

  17. ze7333 says:

    what if your headset is wireless?

  18. MagicKLemonZ says:

    It says that i need a dual core, but i have a solo core,

  19. TheVideoGameDynasty says:

    I can here them but there very quiet the voice is on 10 and I did everything HELP

  20. Erbsterr says:

    DUDE! having the exact same problem using hauppauge hdpvr with xbox 360

  21. ArmadaGamiing says:

    alrighti can get it where i hear bot voices but when i put it on youtube i cant hear one of them its either them or me what do i do

  22. skater77521 says:

    what if i have a AX Pro headset.

  23. ThePlav43 says:

    2.5 or 3.5 !

  24. ThePlav43 says:


  25. Dalton Hagedorn says:

    bro i have xp500s lol compleatly wireless what do i do >.<

  26. qazdex says:

    You don’t need the extension cable depending on how close your pc is to your xbox, because I do the exact same thing but with out the cable.

  27. SubZero577 says:

    i’m in the uk how do get that cable u plug in to ur turtle beach

  28. Mackenzie Henry says:

    you need to vacum

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