Karan Arjun 1995 Full movie w/ ENGLISH SUBTITLES

TURN ON THE CC FOR SUBTITLE! When Durga’s husband speaks out against the tyrannical rule of his brother, Durjan Singh, he is mercilessly killed, and Durga and her two children, Karan and Arjun, are left destitute. Durga brings up her sons without informing them of their heritage nor of the death of their father, but they soon find out when the elder Thakur decides to invite Durga back into his household. This does not auger well with Durjan Singh, and he has the elder Thakur killed. When he finds out about Durga, he goes to end her life, but her sons spring up to defend her, only to get themselves killed. Alone, destitute more than ever, and devastated, Durga loses her mind, and prays to God to bring her sons back so that they can avenge her humiliation, and the death of their father. Seventeen years later, two youth re-enter her life, they do look like her sons, and are ready to take on Durjan Singh, but will they also meet the same fate as Karan, Arjun, and their father?
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. aartisingh1 says:

    Thank you so much I have been looking for this movie for a long time with english subtitles. Thank you thank you.

  2. thousanddesries says:

    I’m afghan and I know it!!!

  3. MultiPrincessbee says:

    ohhh they look soooooooo good together

  4. MultiPrincessbee says:

    what do you know?

  5. thousanddesries says:

    It was just for fun!
    watch this: LMFAO – I’m Afghan and I know it (I’m Sexy and I know it Parody)

  6. photomarts says:


  7. photomarts says:

    why did this hitlers sign come in this movie?

  8. tajutt says:

    safegaurd cartoon

  9. chuse005 says:

    thumbs up if you like the terminator soundtrack.

  10. markjimmer says:

    motherfucker no sub bitch.

  11. badboiali10 says:

    Its amazing movie and spcily salman khan fighting

  12. centroculturalindia says:

    This sings belongs to Indian Esoteric symbols since thousands years ago. Hitler used them and he won, because 52 millions humans beings die. He and his friends wants to destroy all and they did it.

  13. photomarts says:

    aha. fanX. didnt know that…

  14. MrPeacelover423 says:

    politest response to a rude comment…thumbs up to you mate.. :)

  15. vayasealamierda1 says:

    esta mal el video

  16. LaurieAnn9 says:

    Why are they fighting? I tried looking up videos but I can’t understand the language.

  17. angel143r says:

    Luv salman

  18. asingh818 says:

    press cc and you will get subtitles

  19. jomonnthomas says:


  20. john cena says:


  21. asingh818 says:

    lol johnny liver at 2:47:17-2:47:47

  22. warda matloob says:

    great movie! n great actors! <3



  24. shutupfoever says:

    Wow srk n salman sud do another movieee ;-) ;-) ;-)

  25. SuperMissgossip says:

    Plz upload mohabbatein in eng sub….pleasssseeee! Thanks

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