Legitimate Recession Proof Businesses To Make Extra Money From Home

Legitimate Recession Proof Businesses To Make Extra Money From Home

Article by Steve Campbell

I LOVE Residual Income! Why? Because it truly has the power to set you FREE! And with what’s going on in the economy today, just about everyone is trying to find legitimate ways to make extra money from home.

You know, there was a time when I thought the only legitimate way the average person could earn a decent income, was to be tied to a 9-5 job. So, like every other poor slob caught up in the daily grind of trading time for dollars, I’d roll out of my warm bed at 6 AM every morning and begin the life-sucking process of getting ready for work.

Then I’d spend the next 9-10 hours working to make someone else’ company rich, while I was earning less than 0 a day after taxes! And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that every time the economy took a nose-dive even that little income was up hanging by a thread. What a nerve-wracking and stressful way to live!

All I can say is ‘thank goodness those days are over!’ It took years of trial and error, and plenty of hard knocks, but I finally learned how to get rid of my stinkin’ day job forever, and the key, was passive residual income.

What Is Residual Income?

It’s earning extra money by working for it only once, but then you keep getting paid month after month, year after year… for work you did long ago. Ah yes, it’s a beautiful thing… but it’s also a very elusive thing. Many have tried to find the quintessential residual income opportunity… a legitimate and consistent way of making money on the web, but failed. The reason for this is because although there are several ways of creating passive income, there are only a few that the average person can use.

Ways Of Building Passive Residual Income

Ok, just for grins, I’m going to list some of the channels of passive residual income that really aren’t viable for the average Joe. Then I’ll talk about the methods that are readily available to just about everyone. The kind of residual income business that can really produce a substantial, steady income for you, even if you’re starting on a shoe-string. Here are the methods that probably “won’t” work for you:

1. Inherit a great deal of money and earn passive income off the interest by investing your inheritance in CDs and other financial instruments.(yeah right!)

2. Write a book, write a song, invent something or create cool software and earn royalties whenever someone buys a copy. (good luck with that!)

3. Purchase residential and commercial real estate and collect monthly rents from tenants.(in today’s real estate melt down – try to hang on to your shirt!)Clearly methods one, two, and three are for the very rich, the very talented and the very brave, in that order. But let’s talk about the method that just about everyone who wants to make extra money from home and perhaps eventually quit their day jobs, can use.

A Residual Income Business

What exactly is a residual income business? It’s a small business that allows you to make extra money from home, and it’s built around a high quality Residual Income Affiliate Program.

* No, this isn’t your typical old MLM business like HerbalLife or Noni, where nobody really makes a significant income except the folks who got into it decades ago.

* Nor is it a plain old affiliate marketing opportunity, where you’re basically on your own,trying to figure out everything for yourself– from the best products to market, to how to get your capture pages designed and working properly, to tracking, monitoring, online marketing, social bookmarking, etc. Not to mention the many, many dollars you’ll have to shell out before you realistically expect to earn even a dime in affiliate commissions.

Now Let’s Talk About What A Residual Income Affiliate Program “IS”

The “right” residual income affiliate program, one that will enable you to make money on the web, and that has the potential to generate a steady, growing residual income stream, must provide ALL of the following:

1. A Recession-Proof Turnkey Online Business With “In Demand” Products 2. State of the Art Web Technology & e-Commerce Systems 3. Low Cost and No-Cost Internet Marketing Strategies 4. The Ability To Easily Track & Monitor Your Efforts 5. An Automated System To Follow-Up & Up-Sell Customers & Prospects 6. A Residual Income Stream That Will Pay You Month After Month 7. It Does Not Require Lots and Lots of Your Time To Make It WorkFew work from home business opportunities offer all of these important features. That’s why the vast majority of online businesses, affiliate marketing programs, MLM offers and online stores fail to produce enough steady income to make it worthwhile. Frankly, High Quality Residual Income Affiliate Programs that provide all of the features you need to begin earning a steady, growing residual income in a relatively short period of time, are few and far between. Though there are several such programs out there, and I’ve tested and tried a number of them, in my opinion, the program listed below is the best Residual Income Affiliate Program available that will genuinely enable you to make money on the web. But don’t take my word for it, do your own due diligence and check this program out for yourself:

Recommended Residual Income Affiliate Business

I believe this program has the right stuff to help you generate a passive residual income and genuinely make extra money from home. It could eventually eliminate the need for a full-time job altogether.

To your success,Steve

About the Author

Steve Campbell is a writer and online entrepreneur with a number ofsuccessful blogs and websites. Steve has written many guides andtutorials on strategies for successful Internet and affiliate marketing. To learn easy ways to begin earning residual income click here: Making Money On The Web

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